About this Blog

“Gather out of star-dust,
And splinters of hail,
One handful of dream-dust,
Not for sale.”

–Langston Hughes

Hughes’ poem conjures up the image of some celestial being grasping into the chaos of the universe towards something good. The poem is earnest and romantic at the same time. It acknowledges that dreams need to be fought for and protected. That is true optimism. It’s not wishful thinking. It’s not oblivious to struggle. It’s believing we can make the world better and acting on that belief.

The poem works on another level, too: It’s a bit sci-fi and a bit science-y.

It’s the perfect title for a blog written by an optimistic, geeky, storyteller and student of life.

What Will Be On This Blog?

  • Posts about storytelling of all forms from journalism to theatre.
  • Inspiring or informative stories from the past and present
  •  Coherent fan girl squealing over pop culture. (The incoherent squealing will remain on Tumblr.)

Why “Full of Dreamdust” instead of “handful of dream-dust”?

  • It wouldn’t fit as my Twitter handle/username. I wanted to keep it consistent.